Acupressure Massage Slippers Leg Foot Massager

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Acupressure Power Foot Mat Full Body relaxer Natural massager VERY INNOVATIVE PRODUCT TO RELAX OUR BODY & SOUL IMAGINE A FOOT MAT YOU STAND ON FOR FEW MINUTES THAT WILL RELAX YOUR FULL BODY! TOTAL BODY RELAXATION. Revitalize your body! It is absolute must Item for every Home WILL GIVE GREAT RESULTS Acupressure Power Mat latest Technology

TOP – SELLING PAIN RELIEVER: It is a new computerized design with energy centre, pyramid yantra orbit and innovates new foot shape designed to cover all important pressure point. Warm up your Body by jogging for three to five minutes daily. INDICATION: Morning freshness with total health. Specially raised part: It consists of 22 bio magnets, energy ball, and micro point s charger. Size: 12 ” x 12.5 Very compact, effective, attractive shape & unbreakable Great for relaxation. NOW YOU CAN ALSO OWN ONE. Economy, Durable product Satisfactory guarantee An Amazing Product! An Amazing invention!


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