4 in 1 folding Pen stylus torch mobile stand

Versatile 4 in 1 Design – Universal Capacitive Stylus for screen touching. Black Ink Ballpoint Pen for paper writing. Phone Stand Holder for the handsfree stand. Screen Wiper for screen cleaning. All you want is in 4 in 1 stylus pen
A Stylus Pen Actually Looks Like The Ordinary Writing Pen Except That They Are Curved More Heavily To Provide Easy Handling for The User
Stylus Pen Is compact and lightweight design easy to carry clip design can be clipped in your pocketbook diary protects your screen from scratches
Handsfree StandScreen Wiper – The handsfree phone stand design make you enjoy yourself when watching videos, say no to fatigued hands caused by holding your cell-phone
Screen wiper help to wipe the dust and stains on the screen for a clear viewing Sensitive Stylus TipBlack Ink Ballpoint Tip – Sensitive rubber tip makes this stylus as responsive as finger touch without leaving unwanted fingerprints and scratching Ballpoint Pen on the other side for convenient paper writing with Black ink”


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